TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth: A Premium Downdraft Paint Booth Overview

Do you need a high powered paint booth that is able to keep up with your body shop’s high demand? The TITAN may be the right paint booth for you. This large paint booth is designed to boost the productivity of body shops that handle a large number of cars and trucks while also cutting back on energy costs and giving a high quality finish with every cycle.

The TITAN was specially designed to meet the unique challenges that body shops and collision centers face. It has an interface that’s easy to access and can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure that your demands are accurately met. In addition, GFS is also currently giving away an 8’X10′ dual skin paint mixing room for free with every TITAN purchase, making now the perfect time for you to expand your workshop by adding a TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth.

Is the TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth Right for You?

The TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth is a powerful paint booth that’s been created with two things in mind: efficiency and quality. If the majority of your work requires painting a high volume of cars, trucks, and heavy machinery, then the TITAN could be just what you need to help your business grow.

Unlike some premium paint booths on the market, the TITAN can even be used as an outdoor paintbooth. This is perfect for shop owners who’re looking to expand their operation but can’t afford to lose valuable floor space. The benefits of installing it outside include having the option to install the booth in a location that works best for you, as well as making use of its optional stackable configuration and weatherproof design. Another benefit of installing your TITAN outdoors is that you don’t have to close down your entire workshop while the booth is being set up.

For body shop owners who want to expand their workspace but don’t have the resources to increase their building size, the TITAN’s outdoor capabilities provide a viable alternative for overhead or side-by-side workspaces. An optional drive-thru configuration can also be installed upon request to speed up the operation and reduce outside contamination.

How Does the TITAN Work?

The TITAN is a downdraft paint booth, which means that it benefits from a system of airflow that’s designed to pull dust and debris away from the object being painted. This greatly reduces any overspray and helps ensure that your automobile isn’t contaminated with any outside particles. The benefit of using a downdraft paint booth is that you’re guaranteed a consistently great quality paint job every time because of the airflow design.

As a general rule, downdraft technology is more effective than other types of airflows present in paint booths. However, the initial setup of a downdraft paint booth can be expensive. Downdraft technology generally requires extensive concrete work to dig underground pits to pull air and dust into. This type of construction can cost a lot of money. What makes the TITAN special is that you can also opt for the pit-less downdraft design. Instead of digging pits under your paint booth, the pit-less TITAN comes erected on a raised platform that acts as its own pit. Just like with traditional pitted downdraft booths, the pit-less TITAN draws air downward just as effectively.

Cut Your Production Time in Half

Every TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth comes equipped with a powerful direct fire heating system that reduces drying time and helps your paint dry evenly and without any problem. This heating system makes use of 1.5 million BTUs and 20,000 CRMs and has been recommended for use by all waterborne paint manufacturers.

In addition to the TITAN’s state-of-the-art heating system, the booth also comes equipped with GFS’ powerful KD AirCirculationSystem. It recycles air and decreases the amount of energy spent by repurposing the air that’s been heated. Having this air system is great for maintaining a stable and consistent air temperature throughout the entire painting and drying cycle, which can help your automobiles dry at a much faster rate.

Reduce the Amount of Money Spent on Energy

One of the biggest concerns many shop owners face when expanding is finding how to cut back on energy expenses. Running a body shop and collision center can require a lot of electricity and oil or gas. These expenses can quickly add up. If you want a high-powered paint booth that’s not as heavy on utilities, the TITAN is perfect for you. Its advanced air circulation system reuses an overwhelming majority of the heated air produced. Ultimately this saves you a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, every TITAN is also equipped with GFS’ EnergySmart VFD System, a control panel that helps make all GFS’ paint booths run more efficiently.

Some of the benefits of the EnergySmart panel include:

  • Improved airflow and cabin pressure regulation
  • Stable internal temperatures
  • Energy saving features that switch the booth into standby and idle mode
  • An upgraded system that regulates the booth’s energy consumption based on how much power is needed for each specific job

These energy saving features make the TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth one of the only paint booths that’s as energy efficient as it is powerful. The EnergySmart system means that you can cut back on roughly half of your monthly energy expenses.

It’s One of the Most Versatile Booths on the Market

Most automotive and industrial paint shops use waterborne paints because they’re safer and aren’t as harsh on the environment. With that said, there are many companies that haven’t made the switch from solvent-based paints for a variety of reasons. The TITAN is one of the few dual-compatible paint booths that’s able to work with water and solvent-based paints. This means you’re able to switch between the two and decide which paint works best for your specific project. This also enables you to upgrade to a TITAN model and still finish your supply of solvent paint before switching to water-based paints.

If you will be using waterborne paints, you might want to consider adding the Xcelerator Drying System to your booth.  The Xcelerator only works with water-based paints. It does an incredible job of cutting flash and bake times in half. If speediness is a primary reason for investing in a TITAN paint booth, the Xcelerator is a must have.

Accudraft Xcelerator Drying System

Take Full Control of Your Paint Booth

Are you interested in automating and tweaking your paint booth’s performance? The TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth comes equipped with the SmartPad, a digital controller that lets you adjust various processes that your paint booth performs. This premium feature comes free with all TITAN models and lets you perform the following tasks:

  • Modify cycle times
  • Make changes to each individual phase of the spraying and curing processes
  • Adjust air temperatures, heat intensity, and burners

The SmartPad also has a number of advanced options to ensure your TITAN is running properly for its current environment. It can adjust a number of the paint booth’s preferences depending on factors like external temperatures and seasons, so that every painting cycle is performed at its peak. Best of all, the SmartPad is easy to use. So even if you’re not technology savvy, learning how to access its controls is intuitive and simple.

Pick the Right Choice for Your Job

When it comes to handling a heavy workload with maximum efficiency, the TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth is one of the best paint booths on the market. Here are some of the highlights that set it apart from its competition:

  • Made from heavy-duty materials that can withstand the elements outdoors
  • The paint booth is a constructed with a dual skin layer for better insulation
  • Its non-reflective interior removes any vision problems that would arise when working inside the booth
  • The paint mixing room can be stacked on top of the TITAN
  • Its length and width can be extended upon request, and a drive thru feature can be added if needed
  • Additional observation windows can be installed upon request

If you’re interested in making the switch over to the TITAN Downdraft Paint Booth, contact the GFS team today. One of our associates will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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