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GSB Industries has a wide range of paint booth filters for collision centers, body shops, car dealerships, industrial facilities, and many other applications that need filtration.

If you have a need, we can source virtually any type of filter for your business. Based in Alpharetta, GA, auto body shops in and around the area can expect fast shipping and quick turnarounds from GSB Industries.

We understand the importance of keeping your operations up and running. So, enjoy the best paint booth filters with our trouble-free services.

Paint Booth Filters by GSB Industries: Your Body Shop Equipment Specialist

Paint booth filters for automotive purposes must be durable, long-lasting, and able to handle various environmental conditions. After all, businesses involved with refinishing vehicles and/or painting new equipment units encounter some of the most challenging painting tasks.

GSB Industries proudly offers superior spray booth filters explicitly designed to withstand automotive challenges. Our certified products are of the highest standards, and any product from our selection can meet the demands of your auto body shop.

We offer filters perfect for body shops, garages, and paint booths of all sizes, with a wide selection of filters and customizable solutions for unique projects.

Code Compliant Spray Paint Booth Filters

Rest assured that every paint booth filter you purchase from our collection meets all the relevant codes. As dedicated automotive professionals, we recognize the importance of compliance. Thus, we regularly check our products to ensure you get the quality and safety your company deserves. As a result, we follow the codes that these entities have established:
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The EPA set standards for spray booth filters that ensure quality jobs and clean emissions. It maintains that companies observing the best practices reduce hazardous air pollutant emissions from their paint products while ensuring effectiveness. Our paint booth filters meet these standards for your peace of mind.
    • Electrical Testing Labs (ETL): ETL codes require all electrical components in any spray booth operation to be up to U.S. standards. Our products meet and exceed them to help reduce liability for you and your business. They are also compatible with ETL-listed paint booths for automotive use, guaranteeing clean air while running your operations.
    • International Code Council (ICC): Our large paint booth filters meet the ICC’s standards, which revolve around safety solutions. We strive to ensure that every product you get from GSB Industries has gone through product accreditation, certification, and evaluation. Trust that your auto body shop will be working with internationally certified equipment.
    • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): Paint booth operations require compliance with the NFPA to ensure processes are free of fire risks. Our large paint booth filters are NFPA-compliant, following all fire safety codes and recommended practices that enforce safety in automotive industry workplaces.
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): OSHA regulations ensure automotive body shops adhere to safety standards concerning hazardous chemicals. At GSB Industries, we supply large paint booth filters designed to meet all OSHA requirements. Protect your shop and personnel from any environmental risks with our filters.

Choose the Right Paint Booth Filter for Your Spray Booth or Paint Booth

GSB Industries ensures that your paint booth operations have efficient filtration systems. Our experts understand the essentials and can help you find solutions to maximize productivity while securing top-quality outputs.

Instead of guessing what kind of paint booth filter you need for your body shop, let us point you in the right direction. Feel free to call our seasoned mechanics to resolve any concerns. At GSB Industries, you will find these kinds of filtration equipment in our products section.

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Air Makeup Filters

Install these filters for your booths equipped with air makeup units. These devices balance the air pressure of your booth. Air makeup filters are also usually the first stage of paint booth filtration. You will need to replace filters regularly to insure the best performance of your paint booth.

GSB Industries offers high-quality and durable air makeup filters of all types. Whether you need panel filters or pre-filter pads for your setup, you can count on us to have the right product that meets your needs. We understand the need for these essential filters as they process large exhaust volumes. So let us secure your paint booth’s primary line of air defense with our filters.

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Intake Filters

Quality collision repair requires the cleanest possible air in the booth. That’s why our intake filters are designed to purify the air before it enters. Don’t let specks of dust and debris contaminate your workplace and ruin your next masterpiece. Ensure that your paint booth has the right filter for its specific system.

We recognize the different paint booth systems requiring unique intake filters. Rest assured that GSB Industries has a suitable model for your system. From roll media and flat media to unconstructed and self-supported intake filters, we strive to stock common and complex filters to equip every automotive body shop with the filters they need.

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Exhaust Filters

To comply with environmental laws and regulations, your automotive shop must trap and hold all the microscopic particles and overspray that painting jobs release. Exhaust filters do just that. These devices work with an intake filter to improve air quality in your shop and maximize overall efficiency.

GSB Industries offers exhaust filters that come as bags, pads, or multi-layered rolls, ensuring your unique system is equipped with proper filters. Moreover, we proudly offer only the most durable products to help you avoid replacing your exhaust filters often without compromising quality output and equipment protection.

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Arrestor Pads

These special filters capture and hold overspray to protect your paint booth’s fans and the environment. Arrestor pads are standard air filters, usually made of polyester or fiberglass. Depending on your filtration system, the ideal type will vary. Whether you have a dry or wet system, our arrestor pads are optimal for overspray capture.

At GSB Industries, we strive to supply air filters that offer only the best quality performance. Maximize your spray booth filter system’s efficiency with equipment that can handle the demands of your auto body shop’s operations. With arrestor pads that can keep up with your work, you can avoid overspray build-up and deliver excellent services.

Why Us: Discover the GSB Industries Difference

We are proud to be an established name in the PBE (Paint & Body Equipment) world, having evolved from servicing and selling spray booths to handling more significant equipment for industrial customers in the eastern United States. Our commitment to customer service is our driving force.

GSB Industries started from the ground up, so we know how challenging it can be for business owners of any size to obtain tools that match their vision while staying within budget. However, with a company that knows the industry well, rest assured that you have access to the best items.

GSB Industries - Paint Booth Filters with the Best Qualities

We proudly offer air filters for paint booths that feature the best qualities. On top of being compliant with industry codes, we ensure that every paint booth filter you purchase from GSB Industries has the following:
Proper Thickness and Durability
Collision repair in the automotive industry involves special chemicals that need equally unique methods to protect your shop and the environment. Trust that every paint booth filter in our collection has the proper weight, durability, and thickness to exceed your filtration expectations.
Correct Materials
Every air filter will need a suitable material to function properly. Even if it is thick, the wrong material could defeat the purpose of having a paint booth filter in a body shop or industrial setting. At GSB Industries, we ensure that every product we offer is designed for your specific painting operation.
Appropriate Size and Dimensions
The right size is crucial for an effective filtration system in your paint booth, especially when working on large vehicles. Anything slightly too small or large will affect your work’s quality. So let our experts at GSB Industries ensure you have large filters for paint booths that fit your size and dimension requirements.
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GSB Industries is your source of high-quality paint booth filters for your automotive body shop. We are eager to supply your specific needs to keep your vehicle operations running without harming your staff or the environment. Get in touch with us for customization options!


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