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Production body shops in the automotive collision repair industry work on countless paint jobs daily, allowing car owners to minimize downtime without their vehicles. At GSB Industries, we are committed to providing the highest quality automotive paint booths so you can give your clients the highest quality finish. We’ve designed our booths to meet the needs of even the busiest body shops and provide superior results with every coat!

Perfect collision repair leaves no room for error, and our spray booths deliver that. GSB Industries is ready to walk you through the manufacturing process from start to finish so you can feel confident that your spray booth will meet your needs.

Spray Booth Overview

A paint booth is an enclosed space that allows automotive body shops, car dealerships, fleet collision repair facilities, and other industrial facilities to perform various paint applications and finishing tasks safely. It supplies filtered and controlled air flow, allowing the painter to apply refinish materials without any excess overspray. Unlike outdoor painting, spray booths provide a controlled area for the spray application process, so there’s less overspray and waste. The air in the spray booth is filtered to reduce or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), providing a healthier working atmosphere and helping the environment. The walls are also insulated to keep the temperature and humidity levels consistent for better painting results. A spray paint booth allows body shops to do the job faster and with higher-quality results.

Spray Booth Construction

Spray booths have various components that all work together to ensure a safe and productive painting environment. At GSB Industries, we help design and construct spray booths that meet the highest standards, with all the following details:
  • Walls

    Booth walls can be single or dual skin. Single-skin spray booths are rugged, allowing you to save money without compromising quality. On the other hand, dual-skin booths are longer-lasting with a smooth fit and finish. Both types of spray booths offer benefits tailored to your needs.

  • Doors

    Spray booth product doors let vehicles in and out of the booth while maintaining a tight seal that maintains a clean environment, preventing dust and dirt from entering the booth. They can be filtered, solid, or roll-up depending on your needs.

  • Intake Plenum

    The intake plenum handles supplying your booth with air. It works effectively across various temperatures and supplies a consistent airflow for your painting needs.

  • Exhaust Chamber, Pit, and Plenum

    The exhaust chamber, pit, and plenum remove air from the booth while keeping the temperature constant. Combining these components prevents particles from being shot into the atmosphere.

  • Air Make-Up Unit (AMU)

    The air make-up unit (AMU) is a part that helps maintain the booth’s temperature. It filters and pressurizes air from the outside to push it into the booth, helping keep your painting conditions optimal and consistent.

  • Paint Booth Manometers

    Manometers measure the air pressure in your booth. They help ensure optimal temperature and consistent airflow, affecting your paint job’s quality.

Spray Booth Models

Automotive body shops handle diverse types of vehicles, needing different spray booth models to accommodate them. You can benefit from GSB Industries’ spray booths, which come in assorted sizes, from small to large.

Open-Face Spray Booths

Open-face booths efficiently supply ventilation and air filtration as air flows horizontally across the workspace into the filter bank. In addition, you can find open-face models that use a recirculating fan system to keep the air clean and contaminant-free.

Pressurized Booths

Pressurized booths create a positive air pressure inside the spray booth, pulling in more air than exhaust. This booth type is ideal for automotive body shops because it can keep dirt and dust particles away from vehicles during painting.

Non-Pressurized Booths

Non-pressurized booths allow control of the airflow through the booth. Air flows through the booth, and an exhaust fan draws it out. This booth type is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where ventilation and air filtration are essential.
Why Us: High-Quality Spray Booth for the Automotive Industry

GSB Industries use leading-edge technology to create spray booths perfect for the automotive industry. Our wide range of booths offer maximum flexibility while providing superior efficiency and ergonomics. With GSB Industries, you can trust that your automotive spray booth will have all the necessary safety and performance features. As a result, we help increase the quality of your paint and collision repair, and the process’s safety. Plus, our booths are easy-to-install and use! So, whether you’re in a large-scale production shop with industrial equipment or just starting a painting business, you can count on us to have the perfect booth.

Are you ready to offer the best automotive collision repair services without compromising safety? Invest in a GSB Industries spray booth and rise above the competition. Contact us today!

Spray Booth Configurations

GSB Industries provides top quality products to automotive body shops with the common types of spray booth configurations designed for efficiency and maximum productivity.

Downdraft Spray Booth

A non-pressurized booth where there is a downward flow of air in through the ceiling intake filters and out through the floor.

Full Downdraft Spray Booth

The most popular design guarantees an exceptional workspace, excellent overspray control, and a reduction in the surface preparation time.

Side Downdraft Spray Booth

A non-pressurized type of booth is ideal for shops without a pit.

Crossflow Spray Booth

A non-pressurized booth that takes in air through filters in the doors where air travels across and exits at the opposite end of the booth.

Semi-Downdraft Spray Booth

Another non-pressurized paint booth makes the air turn in a specific direction to flow out.

Dry Filter Spray Booth

This booth uses a dry filtration medium to trap overspray particles, providing a clean and efficient workspace.

Cross-Draft Spray Booth

A pressurized spray booth that pulls air horizontally over the vehicle.

Water Wash Booth

This booth uses water to trap the particles created from spray painting, which is perfect for high-volume paint usage.

For smaller spray jobs, bench-level or portable spray booths are mobile workstations that still offer a controlled and safe environment to paint. Whatever you need, GSB Industries has a paint booth solution.

Benefits of GSB Industries Spray Booth

It’s every automotive body shop’s pride and joy to provide car owners with a perfect collision repair. And behind these stunning looks is a spray booth that makes it all possible. Here’s why GSB Industries spray booths stand out:

Top-of-the-Line Technology
We use the latest technology in our paint booths to ensure you get a perfect finish every time. Our state-of-the-art booths are equipped with advanced air filtration systems, efficient lighting fixtures, and various other booth construction and design specifications that you can customize to meet your needs. We know your business depends on your spray booth, so we craft ours with the highest quality materials.
Compliance With Safety Regulations

Our booth designs are engineered to meet and exceed safety standards. They feature self-contained air exhaust, baking capabilities, adjustable airflow, and media to trap overspray particles. Plus, all GSB Industries spray booths comply with regulations.

Besides ensuring you give car owners the perfect repair, our safety features also protect you from hazardous materials. In addition, we help prevent fires and explosions and say yes to a more environmentally friendly workspace!

Reduced Paint Finish and Production Time

Automotive body shops can reduce paint finish usage and production time with a high-quality paint booth from GSB Industries. Our spray booths reduce production time by providing a controlled environment, reaching optimal temperature and humidity levels for increasing drying speeds and a perfect paint job.

We also support using less paint and energy so that you can do more with less. In addition, our spray booths feature advanced technology to ensure the air is efficiently recycled and filtered, leaving your workspace cleaner than ever.

Dirt and Dust Protection

Our booths provide superior dirt and dust protection. With an air intake filter system, you can ensure that your spray booth is free from debris and that your workspace remains clean.

Depending on your application, we have a range of sizes and models available to suit your business needs. However, every size and model focus on protecting from dirt and dust that could interfere with your painting process.

Upgrade Options
GSB Industries also offers a wide variety of upgrade options when purchasing a booth. So, whether you’re looking for added lighting, enhanced safety features, or a custom-built design, GSB Industries can handle it.
  • Lighting: Choose various lighting options to ensure your spray booth is well-lit and adequately illuminated.
  • Lifts: Bigger paint jobs require bigger booths, and you can upgrade with lifts for easier movement and manipulation of objects.
  • Hose and Gun Hanger: Keep your workspace organized with a hose and gun hanger to ensure mess-free, efficient paint jobs.
  • Test Panel Holder: Get a test panel holder for more convenient paint spray testing.
  • Booth Boxes: Enhance the safety of your booth with a booth box for storing tools, supplies, and other items.
We understand that each body shop has specific needs, and we’re here to help you get the best possible finish with our paint booths. Nothing comes before safety, so we offer every upgrade you need to achieve and support the highest level of safety and quality for your employees and customers.
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