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GSB is a full-service facility maintenance and equipment company that specializes in Collision Centers, Automotive Dealerships, Manufacturing Facilities and Fleet Industrial businesses. 

We offer flexible and cost effective ongoing preventative maintenance programs for all types of paint booths, prep decks, compressors, airlines and all other body shop related equipment. 

There is no greater investment a shop owner or manager can make than maintaining their equipment. When your equipment shuts down your business shuts down.

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Preventive Maintenance

Booth and Compressor Service/Maintenance

Our booth services consist of the following:

We stock and warehouse almost all paint booth filters (Ceiling, Floor, Pre and Post Exhaust Filters)

If we don’t have a certain filter in stock, we can order it or cut them on site and then install them

Full Cabin pressure wash of paint booths and re-paint the inside of the booths

Emergency Repairs

We have 2 technicians dedicated to these type emergency repairs, so we can get you back in business as quickly as possible. Whether you bought your booth from GSB or someone else we have the expertise to fix it properly and quickly. Scheduling for emergency repairs is done on a first come first serve basis.

Upgrades & Retro Fits

GSB can upgrade parts, mechanicals, control panels, and heat make up units on your current paint booth in most situations. 

GSB can upgrade and retro fit your paint booth with alternative drying systems for waterborne and infrared drying technologies for your current paint booth.

Installation, Removal, Layout Design

GSB offers a one stop shop for ALL equipment at your facility. We can facilitate the turn key service of ordering and installing all equipment for your shop

GSB will install new paint booths, prep decks, spray curtain systems, all filters for paint booths and remove existing paint booths. 

GSB can install all airlines, gun washers, solvent recyclers, compressors, air filtration systems, post lifts and more

GSB can also help with lay out and design of your facility. Assisting in strategic placement of equipment and stalls that will create the best flow and efficiencies for your operation.  


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