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Global Finishing Solutions

A vertical manufacturer, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has an extensive history of designing and building exceptional paint booths and finishing equipment that help businesses achieve flawless paint finishes, maximize productivity, and protect the health of their employees.
17-12-11 Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions LOGO PANTONE

For over 35 years, Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions™ (a division of Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.) has set the industry standard for quality compressed air filtration and drying solutions.

Air Flow Technology

Leading manufacture and distributor of OEM and replacement air filters, paint arrestors, overspray collectors, accessories and maintenance supplies for all automotive and industrial paitn spray booths

BECCA has a product line-up able to meet the needs of the small shop (or one with very limited space) up to high production automatic gun cleaners and solvent recycler systems (Filtration & Distillation).

Innovative invented the work and parts management systems segment of the collision services and automotive repair industry with its one-of-a-kind, ingenious solutions to customer problems. 

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air com
AIRCOM is the only company that offers a complete range of piping systems differentiated by features and performance. Our constant drive to innovate has led to two new piping systems: Quick Line with aluminum pipes and with fittings in aluminum and in HR-Polymer Composite. Both systems stand out in terms of speed and ease of assembly and for their modular characteristics.
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With the compressed air market’s widest breadth of products – reciprocating, rotary vane, rotary screw and rotary scroll – choosing the right product for the application is key to continuing the success that was started in 1919. Champion’s full range of air treatment products, coupled with our wide array of compressors, allows for peace of mind knowing we can design a total air solution to meet your demand.


Industrial Coatings application for plants and facilities

GFS (Prep Decks, Exhaust Wall Sys., Mix Rooms)

Laser Lock Measuring System (Chief)

Forward Two Post Lifts

Light Bulbs, Seals, and General Maintained Items for Paint Booths

Goff’s Curtain Wall Systems

Dayton and Weg Motors

Facilities Maintenance and general equipment installation

Labor for any industrial applications and construction

Chief Frame Equipment


Pro Spot Welders


Air Flow Technology Replacement Filters for Paint Booths


Goliath Carts


Innovative Tools and Technologies



Innovative customers have learned that GSB offers the best-designed, highest-quality products at the best price – all backed by the industry’s best service offering. The benefits? Increased productivity, quality throughput and profitability. Not to mention less down time, and most importantly happier employees and costumers.

here some innovative products

3M Festool dust extraction system

Dust is the enemy in collision repair. It invades all corners of a shop, attacks abrasive performance, and leaves highly-skilled technicians operating a broom instead of their tools. The Total Automotive Sanding System fights dust, and a whole lot more. The system combines internationally-famous Festool dust extraction technology, Festool’s top-quality tools, and 3M industry-leading abrasives.

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Save space and steps, minimize clutter, enhance efficiency, make processes leaner, and increase profitability with us!

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