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We’ve curated a list of common FAQs about Paint Booths and the different service we offer to help get you started.

Keep in mind that we offer a lot of different designs and systems that carry a lot of options, so it is always best to contact us directly with any specific product questions. Nevertheless, we believe you will find this FAQ page to answer most of the questions you may have. If you have more questions though or you need a more detailed answer to your question please write us or call us to +1 (770) 454-0773. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

Most frequent questions and answers

GSB sells Accudraft Paint Booths.  The North America headquarters for Accudraft Paint Booth is in Randolph, NJ. All parts for Accudraft are readily available in the states even though Accudraft Paint Booths are made in Italy.  GSB Industries is an Accudraft distributor based out of Atlanta GA

GSB carries a complete line of booth filtration from Air Flow Technology and we install these filters as well as sell them. We can also custom cut filters if we don’t have the exact size filter you need in stock.

Yes, GSB is a full-service equipment company. Our focus is providing a complete service for paint booths, compressors, airlines that include services calls, when emergency issues occur. We offer weekly, bi weekly, quarterly filter changes for any paint booth along with annual booth wash downs, painting the walls, mechanical cleans, and complete filter changes for all makes and models of booths.

Yes, GBS can not only sell you an Accudraft Paint Booth but we can also offer a turn key installation of the Accudraft paint booth.  The install service we provide consist of putting up the booth, running gas, electrical, fire suppression, roof penetrations and also making sure the booth runs as advertised.  We offer a total tun key install for paint booths, compressors, frame machines and airlines.

Yes, we have a fully committed staff of techs that can service the equipment we sell to your business or even equipment you may have bought from someone else.  We off emergency repairs when your equipment shuts downs suddenly which is scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  GBS is staffed to be self sufficient never having to wait for the manufacturers support to fix your problems which gets you back up and running faster!   

No, we can fix all types of paint booths and compressors. The type of booth or compressors makes no difference to us.  We can fix them all.  We can also retro fit other paint booths with alternative drying system, mechanical systems, heat make up units and control panels.  

GSB sells a Tsunami Regine dryer that will consistently provide air to less than 3% humidity.  We have noticed, the dryer the air the faster waterborne paints will dry

GSB sells DV Systems out of Mooresville NC.  DV manufacturers a full line of                compressors and we can have one onsite to replace or for a new install usually within 5 days.  We can fix these compressors and also offer preventive maintenance for your compressors, so they hopefully never shut down on you. 

Yes, GSB does provide weekend and evening services so the service does not interfere with your business’ production during regular hours.  Please contact our office for cost information and service hours. 

GSB has 10 full time Technicians, Installers, Maintenance Technicians, 3 Outside      Salesmen, Office MGR and Full-Time scheduler and Inventory Manager.

GSB Industries is based out of Atlanta Georgia but sells, installs and services paint booths, compressors and other equipment all throughout the South Eastern United States.  We predominantly sell and work in Georgia and are now growing into North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. 

EPA requires a 98% efficiency for all first stage exhaust filters

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