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At GFS, we pride ourselves in our ability to craft an industrial paint booth that suits each of our client’s individual needs. Every GFS paint booth is customizable, meaning that you and your company can pick and choose the features that work for you. We offer a wide range of industrial paint booths, exhaust fans, automotive spray booths, and several other products. If your company needs to upgrade its spray booth equipment, look no farther than GFS.

Each of our product lines has its own unique benefits, so you should make sure to explore your options before purchasing an industrial spray booth. Here we would like to outline the benefits of the PRO Series paint and spray application booths. This line includes both fully enclosed and open-faced spray booths as well as powerful exhaust walls. If you are looking to upgrade your equipment but you are unsure of what you are looking for, consider each of these options before making your final decision. The PRO Series paint/spray application booths are an ideal solution for anyone seeking industrial spray application booths and exhaust solutions.

Exhaust Wall or Bench Solutions from GFS

Exhaust WallFor those looking to paint in a completely unenclosed space, consider purchasing a PRO Series exhaust wall. This wall incorporates powerful exhaust fans that will remove excess paint spray and fumes from the workspace. Choose to exhaust the fumes outdoors or back into the shop. If you are exhausting into the shop, extra filtration measures can be added to ensure that the air is pure and your employees are safe.

The height of the steady, powerful cross draft created by the exhaust fans can also be adjusted to suit your needs. This will maximize its effectiveness and minimize the buildup of overspray and dangerous fumes.

Open Face Spray Booth Solutions

Open FaceIf you work with products that frequently result in a lot of overspray, consider an open face spray booth rather than an exhaust wall. The enclosure helps to contain overspray, making it easier for the exhaust fans to pick up and neutralize. Our open faced spray booths also meet or exceed all safety and regulatory requirements. These requirements are different for those spraying in an unenclosed space than those spraying in an enclosed space, so business owners will need to be aware of the regulatory standards that their company must meet. This open faced paint booth is equipped with powerful exhaust fans that pull the air away from those applying the paint. It will then filter the air before it is released back into the shop. This helps to ensure the safety of all employees in the shop, not just those operating the paint booth.

Fully Enclosed Spray Booth Solutions

Fully EnclosedThe PRO Series fully enclosed spray booths are popular with those working with flammable chemicals as well as those that do a lot of large batch paint jobs. The design of the PRO series allows for unlimited paint and spray application without any of the risks usually associated with working with flammable or combustible products. This booth is fully compliant with all NFPA 33 standards, so you will not need to worry about the safety of your employees.

Fully enclosed paint booths are ideal for those looking to completely separate the spray area from the rest of the shop. This also works well for those that do not have enough space to set up their spray booth inside their shop. Many fully enclosed paint booths are equally operational when set up inside the shop or in a nearby area outside the building.

Optional upgrades include heating and conditioning elements that ensure the cross draft has the right temperature and humidity level for your paint jobs. With a fully enclosed paint booth, you will maximize the amount of control you have over your paint conditions.

In each of these styles, the filtration system can be assembled to maximize its effectiveness. Different types of filters work better for different types of sprays and various application processes. HEPA filters, charcoal filters, and multi filter arrays are available for use with the PRO Series paint and spray booths. Properly pairing a filter with a spray type is the best way to ensure that the air is pure when it is exhausted from the spray booth.

To learn more about the spray booth options available to your company, contact our team at GFS. We love to work with business owners to find a paint booth solution that works for each individual company’s needs. Call today to learn how we can help you upgrade your industrial paint booth.

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